EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)

EASA LIGHT AIRCRAFT PILOTS LICENCE (LAPL) – The course is intended to train an applicant to fly any simple single-engine aeroplane with a maximum all up weight of 2000 kgs.

The licence allows the holder to fly solely within EU airspace only and they may carry up to a maximum of 3 passengers.

The approved course at Cambrian Flying Club is laid out in accordance with CAA requirements.

G-BLWP take off Swansea

Course Requirements

The course requires a minimum of thirty (30) hours flight training and

24 hours – Dual instruction

6 hours – Supervised solo flight time which  must include;

3 Hours – Solo Cross-country flight,

The Navigation Skill Test and General Skill Test are additional to the course training requirements.

Theory Exams –

To obtain the EASA Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) you will also be required to pass multiple-choice theoretical knowledge examinations in the following subjects:

1. Air Law

2. Aircraft  General Knowledge

3. Flight Performance & Planning

4. Human Performance and Planning

5. Meteorology

6. Navigation

7. Operational Procedures

8. Principles of Flight

9. Communications

The information required to pass these exams can be found in the Air Pilots Manuals or CD-ROMs which can be found at the clubs pilot shop . The club also offer weekly ground school sessions  covering each of the above subjects.

Medical – An applicant must possess a current medical before their first solo flight. There is a CAA registered GP based at Swansea Airport, available by appointment.


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