New edition to the fleet; “We are proud to introduce…. G-XALT”


Piper PA-38 – “Tomahawk” (2 Seater)

G-XALT is an extremely well equipped aircraft for instrument training boasting two radios, two GPS, ADF and mode ‘S’ transponder.

The GNS 430 is a three part avionics package that includes a communication radio, a navigation radio (referred to as a VLOC) and a GPS receiver.

G-XALT is also equipped with a Flymap large screen GPS. This can reduce cockpit work-load and contribute significantly to safe and enjoyable flights. 


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PPL Exam Ground School – 2016-17

PPL Exam Ground School – As part of the training towards the pilots licence, there are 9 theoretical examinations to complete and pass.

We all know that studying for theory exams can sometimes be difficult and even tedious, but it’s important you fully understand the theory behind flying in order to be a safe pilot. Let us make it interesting, while meeting other students and pilots for a fantastic learning experience

Schedule for 2016-17:



Our PPL ground school evening classes are designed to help you understand the theory needed when learning to fly as well as give you all the information  needed to pass the exams. Cambrian Flying Club’s ground school sessions will also help you develop your skills as a pilot. Classes are open for PPL students and current pilots wishing to brush up their skills and knowledge.


Friends of Cambrian Flying Club, Team Raven are a formation aerobatic display team based at Swansea Airport.

Visit their website at: for news on their displays and fantastic video footage and photos.


New Fleet Member!

Welcome everyone to our newest member of the fleet at Cambrian Flying Club!!

G-GTHM is a Piper Tomahawk PA-38, 2 seat training aircraft which is also available for Trial Flights and Solo Hire. Come down and take a look!


G-GTHM - on grass